What Makes Us Different

When it comes time to choose a firm to work with either as a renter, buyer, seller, or as a licensed agent yourself, why choose Listings NY over the competition?

100% Real Photos / 100% Real Apts

All apartments advertised actually exist and link to a real apartment in the database.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for fake or misleading photos or advertising, and other practices common in the NYC real estate market.  Be aware when browsing online apartment websites (such as Naked Apartments, Craigslist, and unfortunately even StreetEasy), many or sometimes even most of the apartments advertised are completely fabricated, phony addreses, or "general ads" using stock photos, used merely to drum up customers and leads.  Most of these apartments do not actually exist, or the photos shown to not represent actual inventory or apartments available.  While these websites also contain many legitimate ads by honest brokers, weeding out the "real from the fake" can be a full-time job.  We do not engage in this practice at all, and you can rest assured when you call us, we can actually show you the apartment you called about (assuming you are qualified and it has not already been rented) because it's a real apartment that exists.  Let us save you time, with the knowledge that EVERY apartment or advertised by one of our agents, actually exists.

Honest and ethical agents

We do not use any "Bait and Switch" tactics, pressure sales, or other "shady broker" practices which are, unfortunately, still in common practice in many of New York City's largest, well known, and long-standing firms (many of these "old school" brokerages were started by a few unethical individuals who never learned how to make an honest living; these companies proliferated in times of over-inflation and strong economies, then continued to branch off into smaller firms that preyed on unsuspecting first-time renters, and they continue to swindle people and harm our industry's reputation even to this day!).  Our training and culture is designed to evoke honest and ethical behavior from all our agents.  We also have no interest in hiring salespeople or brokers of any experience level who do not engage in open and honest communication with their customers and clients.  This is a relationship business and reputation is everything.  Be sure not to stake one of the most important decisions on your life ("Where do I call home?") on someone you don't like or trust.  We are here to help you, not to just "run around and show you apartments" or to "close the deal".  Do not hesitate to ask us detailed questions about the apartment, building and neighborhood history, the New York City market in general, detailed application requirements, etc.

Access to some of the best DEALS available

Our exclusive inventory and large database contains 1,000's of limited, exclusive and open listings, many of which are available only through our firm.  Many people think, "Who needs a broker?  There are hundreds of 'no fee' websites out there, StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, etc.?"  Unfortunately, after exploring these avenues and wading through the hundreds of ads, renters quickly realize most "no fee" apartments are simply overpriced, lower-quality apartments run by huge management companies.  Even StreetEasy is filled with thousands of fake addresses (Note: StreetEasy is STRICLY for exclusives, so this only represents a small percentage of apartments actually on the market, as most inventory cannot be posted online with the address visible, and therefore are not on StreetEasy!).  After being baited and switched from lower to higher priced apartments, and emailing hundreds of websites with apartment listings only to find out the apartments were rented months ago or never even existed at all, most renters quickly come to realize there's a reason some of the best deals are often obtained through experienced brokers: The vast majority of small, independent, and mid-sized landlords even in the 21st Century, still do not (and never will) have the in-house resources to build and maintain websites, huge marketing departments, or even keep their inventory up to date. This business still relies on the very old fashioned phone call in most cases, and some of the best deals are found that way through the relationships we've cultivated with small and independent owners over the years.

By building strong relationships with landlords and tenants, we have built our reputation on being a top provider of some of the best "below market" deals out there.  Most of our landlords work only with a few select brokerages, and these apartments are not available on "no fee" websites or without going through a broker.  Often times our apartments are much better deals, more nicely renovated, in better locations, and simply better finds than so much more of the public inventory.

Experience Matters

Ask yourself: Do you want to see the most apartments, or do you want to see the best apartments that match what you're looking for?  Don't be fooled by fancy websites that seem to show thousands of listings.  Most of the time, you're looking at 6-10 different agents at one firm advertising the same inventory over and over again.  It's a common misconception that "the big firms have all the listings."  In realty, a lot of the big firms are focused on volume instead of customer service. This is a service industry and we try never to forget that.  We are not here to "sell you" an apartment that some branch manager "needs to move"; rather, we are here to act as guides to help streamline your search and find you exactly what you're looking for in as little time as possible.  With over 5 years experience as a Salesperson / Broker and over 15 years combined experience as a New York City resident himself, the founder of our firm prides himself on knowing more about the market than 90% of the competition out there.  Your time is important.  Don't waste it running around looking at every apartment in the city or be pressured to take an apartment you don't really like!

To summarize....

For more about us, click on our other links above... Do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about your listing or your move in general.  No one ever said finding an apartment in New York City was easy.  But our goal is to make it as low stress as possible!